Enteligent Teams with PIONIX to Integrate EVerest for TLCEV DC-Coupled Solar-Powered EVSE

Enteligent Teams with PIONIX to Integrate EVerest for TLCEV DC-Coupled Solar-Powered EVSE


Enteligent Teams with PIONIX to Integrate EVerest for TLCEV DC-Coupled Solar-Powered EVSE

MORGAN HILL, CA – January 30, 2024 – Enteligent, developer of solar-powered electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE) and solar power optimization technologies, is expediting the development of its TLCEV solar EV charger by teaming with PIONIX. The collaboration aims to use the PIONIX solution BaseCamp as the operating system for Enteligent's TLCEV EVSE. BaseCamp is the commercial software stack for EV charging based on open-source EVSE software EVerest. Announced earlier this year, Enteligent’s TLCEV EVSE is the world’s first direct DC-coupled solar-powered EV charger.  

"PIONIX and EVerest have made what is typically one of the most difficult parts of developing an EVSE my lowest risk item,” said Enteligent CEO and co-founder Sean Burke. “PIONIX is well-known for its expertise and competence in the e-mobility field. By attaching our unique and efficient power electronics to the momentum, reliability, and partnerships that PIONIX has already established, we can focus on getting our TLCEV charger into the marketplace faster and with a higher level of confidence."

The EVerest project was initiated by PIONIX and is now hosted within Linux Foundation Energy. It’s supported by a global community of software developers, EV OEMs, Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) businesses, and academics who are constantly improving the software. Building upon EVerest, PIONIX offers the commercial software BaseCamp, which adds constant testing, regular updates, and ease-of-use to the open-source core. All testing is coordinated with OEMs to ensure compatibility with new EV models, standards, and communication protocols. The benefits are clear: To guarantee a reliable and future-proof charger.

Enteligent’s integration of the software stack is the first time EVerest will be commercially available within a direct solar-powered EV charger. Teaming with PIONIX allows Enteligent to release new features, modifications, and charger customizations faster than other software options, providing users with a seamless charging experience.

“Enteligent’s TLCEV charger has the potential to become a game changer in the energy transition. It enables EV users to shift to daytime charging, fully utilizing green overhead solar generation. And thus, further reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and mitigate grid strain,” said Dr. Marco Möller, CEO of PIONIX. “This aligns with our mission to have a decisive impact on the global spread of e-mobility powered by sustainable energy sources. Working together, we can speed up and simplify the transition towards e-mobility.”

Powered directly from the sun, Enteligent’s TLCEV chargers can supply up to 25 kW of fast DC charging – three times faster than AC Level 2 EV chargers – while also supporting vehicle-to-home (V2H) and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) home energy resilience and providing significant energy savings. By eliminating the DC-to-AC-to-DC conversions, Enteligent’s EV chargers help users optimize every kilowatt of precious, clean energy, resulting in up to 25% energy savings. And direct charging DC bypasses the EV’s internal conversion electronics, dramatically improving the time necessary to charge.      


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About Enteligent

Enteligent is a California-based developer of smart solar power optimization and solar EV charging technologies that dramatically increase energy utilization, improve returns on energy investments, and enable critical paradigm shifts in how we use energy for the upcoming green electrification revolution. Enteligent’s NMax photovoltaic module power optimizers use smart digital technology to dynamically adjust when to optimize and provide panel-level monitoring data, resulting in greater rooftop yield, more energy harvesting, and higher system reliability. Enteligent’s bidirectional DC solar EV chargers enable direct electrification from clean energy to charge faster and more efficiently, recouping up to 25% of the electricity lost by traditional means. Learn more about Enteligent at: https://enteligent.com/



PIONIX is the leading pioneer in open-source software for EV charging and initiated the open-source project EVerest. The software and firmware stack for EV charging supports all current industry standards, like OCPP1.6/2.0.1, ISO15118-2/-20, Plug&Charge, IEC-61851, and is the perfect basis for a wide and easy to use charging ecosystem. PIONIX offers full-service solutions: software implementations, updates, maintenance, support, and hardware consulting. Learn more about PIONIX at: https://pionix.com


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