About Enteligent

Headquartered in California, Enteligent is a developer of smart solar power optimization and solar EV charging technologies that dramatically increase energy utilization, improve returns on energy investments, and enable critical paradigm shifts in how we use energy for the upcoming green electrification revolution.

The Team

Led by a team of seasoned innovators who cut their teeth designing complex automation, power, and clean tech products, Enteligent brings fresh thinking to the decarbonization challenge. Instead of focusing on the performance of a single component, Enteligent’s team considers how the component fits into the entire system, enabling them to understand the intricate connections and interactions better. This system-level approach allows the team to develop solutions to enhance the performance of the whole ecosystem. They accomplish this by applying the best practices they adopted in the tech sector to the solar power industry to identify optimal strategies for enhancing energy output and performance.

CEO, Founder

Sean Burke

CTO, Founder

Bahman Sharifipour

Product, Founder

Brian Reeves

SW & Controls, Founder

Paul Reeves


Scott Lin

Business Development

Kevin Weiss


Quinn Eaden


Sanjiv Sirpal