Enteligent Named a Finalist for S&P Global Platts - Global Energy Award for Energy Transition Technology of the Year

Enteligent Named a Finalist for S&P Global Platts - Global Energy Award for Energy Transition Technology of the Year


Enteligent Named a Finalist for S&P Global Platts

Global Energy Award for Energy Transition Technology of the Year

MORGAN HILL, Calif. (December 6, 2023) – Enteligent Inc., a developer of solar power optimization and electric vehicle (EV) solar charging technologies, has been named a finalist for the 25th annual S&P Global Platts Global Energy Awards in the Energy Transition Technology of the Year category.

"The pivot away from internal combustion engines is a necessary part of our energy transition plans, but we’re not solving the problem by plugging our EVs in at night when fossil fuels must be used to meet the peak demand. Enteligent’s Time of Light Charging (TLC) solutions make it easier for energy users to shift their habits by placing solar chargers in convenient places for clean charging during the day," said Sean Burke, Enteligent CEO and co-founder. "Having our technology recognized among the world’s most promising solutions for advancing the energy transition by S&P Global Platts validates our vision of ubiquitous daytime charging using power from clean, overhead solar panels. We’re extremely honored to be included among the extraordinary entrepreneurs who are committed to finding ways for us to be smarter about how we generate and use energy.”

The Energy Transition Technology of the Year category recognizes companies with daring vision, creativity, and originality who are in the early stages of developing promising technology that has the potential to be commercially viable while also advancing our necessary energy transition. Enteligent was recognized for designing the most affordable, efficient, and scalable solar-powered EV charger solution for mass deployment that will both relieve EV charging pressure on the grid and accelerate EV adoption by making chargers available to everyone where they park during the day.

Enteligent’s TLCEV Charger is the world’s first DC-to-DC solar hybrid bidirectional EV charger which supplies up to 25 kW of fast DC charging – three times faster than AC Level 2 EV chargers – while also supporting vehicle-to-home (V2H) and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) home energy resilience. The solution bypasses the standard EV’s inefficient AC/DC conversion, delivering up to 25% more clean solar-generated energy for use by the EV. Its convenient design makes it easy to integrate EV charging into parking structures, making clean solar power available at the point of use.

Enteligent has also developed the NMax rooftop solar panel rapid shutdown and power optimization ecosystem. The state-of-the-art Enteligent NMax modules dynamically switch to power optimization mode only when required, resulting in an average of 10% higher electricity from a typical rooftop solar installation. Additionally, NMax panel-level monitoring provides solar generation statistics of individual panels, which allows installers to validate that the panels are functioning properly, helps service providers diagnose and troubleshoot problems, and ensures that operators achieve maximum solar array performance.

S&P Global Platts Global Energy Awards recognizes achievements in innovation, leadership, and company performance in 22 categories spanning the entire energy complex. Winners will be announced during a gala in New York City on December 7, 2023.

To view the complete list of Award categories and finalists, as well as more information on the Awards and upcoming ceremony, visit the website: www.globalenergyawards.com.


About Enteligent 

Enteligent is a California-based developer of smart solar panel optimization and solar EV charging technologies that dramatically increase energy utilization, improve returns on energy investments, and enable critical paradigm shifts in how we use energy for the upcoming green electrification revolution. Enteligent’s NMax photovoltaic module rapid shutdown power optimizers use smart digital technology to dynamically determine when to optimize and provide panel-level monitoring data, resulting in greater rooftop yield, more energy harvesting, and higher system reliability. Enteligent’s bidirectional DC solar EV chargers enable direct electrification from clean energy to charge faster and more efficiently, recouping up to 25% of the electricity lost by traditional means. Learn more about Enteligent at: https://enteligent.com/ 

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