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Implementing EV charging technology in commercial real estate

Implementing EV charging technology in commercial real estate

As EV usage grows, affordable and cost-effective charging technology will be necessary to encourage developers to provide the required charging infrastructure 

Published: May 8, 2023


By 2030, BloombergNEF forecasts that 52% of total car sales in the United States will be composed of EVs due partly to the federal tax credit in the Inflation Reduction Act.


EV proliferation will require real estate developers and building owners to provide charging stations for tenants and employees. The cities of Los Angeles, Vancouver, WA, and the State of California have already adopted “charger-ready” building codes, according to the Building Owners and Managers Association, while New York State and seven other states are modifying building codes to support increased electric vehicle adoption. Additionally, commercial real estate developers and consultants are bringing on experts to advise their clients on strategies for planning, designing, installing, and maintaining EV charging infrastructure within their projects. 


Despite being eager to provide clean options for their visitors, many building owners and developers experience ‘sticker shock’ as to the costs of installation and increased energy consumption. 


Enteligent, a California-based solar optimization and solar EV charging technology developer is developing a solution that will benefit both EV users and the commercial real estate market. The company recently secured $7 million in funding from strategic investors that include CRE companies NOVA, the venture arm of Saint-Gobain, and Taronga Ventures, one of the world’s leading real estate asset technology investors, to bring the world’s first DC-to-DC solar hybrid bi-directional EV charger to market.


Instead of pulling electricity from an already strained electric grid, Enteligent’s EV charger harnesses power directly from the sun. Its DC-coupled technology eliminates the inefficient and costly need for a DC-to-AC power inverter required by other EV chargers so that Enteligent EV charger users can maximize every kilowatt of solar energy generation, ultimately reducing their energy costs and minimizing their charging time. This makes Enteligent’s solar EV chargers an affordable and easy-to-deploy option for building owners to satisfy the growing demand for charging spaces.


What makes Enteligent’s solar solution so effective is the company’s system-level approach to solar power. Currently, homes and buildings are powered by an alternating current (AC) flow of energy generated from the electric grid, while renewables like solar operate on direct current (DC). This requires DC to AC power – an inefficient process resulting in a significant loss of energy.


As it applies to the CRE market, this energy loss makes it that much harder for building owners and developers to stomach the cost of providing EV charging spaces for employees.


This is where Enteligent’s DC-to-DC EV charger eases the transition. Enteligent’s holistic, system-level approach to solar technology helps users maximize their systems to dramatically increase output while removing barriers to entry and increasing the value proposition. In addition, the charger harnesses power directly from DC sources like solar canopies and storage battery systems, allowing building owners and developers to avoid additional component, permitting and installation costs that would otherwise be necessary with traditional EV charging infrastructure.


As demand for EV charging stations in the CRE market grows, Enteligent is uniquely positioned to provide an affordable and effective solution. By removing many of the financial and installation barriers that come with delivering EV charging technology in commercial spaces and providing the most energy-efficient option available, Enteligent can help building owners and developers to tackle a growing need and also embrace an energy-efficient future.


If you are a commercial developer or building owner looking to provide cost-effective EV charging solutions for your properties, learn more about Enteligent’s technology on our website and contact for additional information.

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